TownSuite Service requests

Service requests simplify communication between you and your stakeholders, allowing them to connect to the right resources faster.

View and respond to inquiries online, all from one place

Define your stratagy and business process, the software caters to your pre-existing work flows. Don't have a suitable work flow? That's fine too, we can help you build a winning workflow from the ground up.


Everything works in real time, and everything works the way you want it to since it is configurable to how you do things.

TownSuite Service requests features include:

Reduce email

Overloaded with emails? TownSuite Service Requests can be your key to diminishing your mailbox pollution.

Anywhere, any device

No need to worry about accessibility. Desktop, tablet, mobile, email? We got simplified views for each and them some

All stakeholders

You choose who you want to be able to submit and how. Only registered users, covered. Anonymous users via our embedded forms, covered. Staff submission only, covered. Anything in between, covered.

Define workflow and views

Using tools such as labels and departments, define what gets assigned to whom. Direct to employee or general view for several employees, you call the shots.

Recieve notifications

Want notifications sent to your dashboard, other parts of TownSuite or through traditional email? It's all ready to go under the hood with just a few settings either globally or per user.

Create your FAQ

Have several questions that are asked frequently? Define them as a FAQ, include pictures/videos for resolution to the inquiry and pin it to any label/department so it will pop up prior to user submission.

Request timelines

Keep track of public and private comments, status changes, actions and more for each request on one page so you do not have to go looking for details.

Solid audit trail

Since everything is captured in the system and everything kept up to industry standards, you have a solid audit trail for any inquries that require it.

Report metrics

Record SLA, first reply times, Time to completion, feedback and more from our visual dashboards.


Any request can turn into somthing within TownSuite. For example a pothole is reported, that can transfer into a work order with the stakeholder being informed of the status in real time if desired.

Report metrics

Record SLA, first reply times, Time to completion, feedback and more from our visual dashboards.

Embeddable widgets

Available to add directly to your website with dozens of options for prebuilt templates or simply style your own with CSS. Only 4 lines of code preloading all prerequisites.

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