TownSuite Land management

Land management is the easy to use yet powerful and comprehensive land management software.

Intuitive and robust land mangement featuresets with connected GIS.

Streamline Municipal land management. TownSuite Land Management provides the tools you need to manage permitting, sub-divisions, inspections and by laws.

Parcel centric

Real time, parcel centric tools are configurable so they work they want you want them to.

TownSuite Land management features include:


From Initial Application - Including Pre-Application Plan Reviews through to To Final Inspection and/or Certificate of Occupancy. You define your process.

Fire Inspections

Manage fire inspections, including tracking pre-plans, inspections results, and track violations to resolutions.

Building permits inspections

Print Daily Inspection reports by Inspector from Footings to Final. Record each Inspection Result, including Comments. Violations/Failed Inspections are Tracked to Resolution.

Process management

All processes are fully customizable and not restricted by the system. This helps ensure processes such as permits comply with existing zoning and/or development regulations.

Subdivision Applications

Assign building permit applications to subdivision applications to monitor undeveloped lots, and track the history of a parent PID from subdivisions and consolidations.


Like all of our software, attach electronic media to any permit or application so it is easy to access documents from one place.


TownSuite® Mapping can interface with any municipal data, which stores AAN’s, PID’s or Civic address information. Mapping is also tightly connected to other TownSuite apps.

Comprehensive reporting

Numerous standard reports like Static Canada Report, as well as the ability to produce ad hoc reports using virtually any field as criteria.

Process payments

Handling of all fees calculations and payment through TownSuite Finance


Connect your information, your staff and your departments to information that is always up to date.

Priority support

Our technical support puts your first. Our team has a depth of municipal accounting experience that ensures you get the solutions you need.

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