TownSuite eBilling and ePayments

eBilling and ePayments simplifies billing and transactional payments for your clients. Allowing them to view and pay all payments from one location.

View and pay all your bills online in one place

These include property tax bills, utility bills, miscellaneous bills and also other fees such as recreation activities, building permits and more from one place. Choose your payment options from several leading edge payment processors or/and retain your legacy methods.


Everything works in real time, and everything works the way you want it to since it is configurable to how you do things.

TownSuite eBilling and ePayments features include:

Electronic bills

Any bill from the municipality will be sent to your customer's online account with immediate electronic notification.

Utility billings

View and pay utility invoices, including flat rate and metered utilities. For metered utilities, your customer can even view their consumption numerically or graphically.

Electronic payments

All payments through your selected PCI Compliant payment gateway are processed and automatically receipted in TownSuite Financial.

Preauthorized payments

Your customers have the freedom to set up their own preauthorized payments online without having to come into the office to deal with the bank or sign any municipal forms.

Link stakeholder accounts

Managing accounts for a dependant, parent or another person? Simply link their accounts and an individualized view will be available. Have multiple properties or accounts? Feel free to add them all under one account to simplify management.

Send notifications

Every time a transaction occurs, whether it is an invoice created, receipt generated, successful event registration or facility booking, or a service request being closed, an electronic notification is sent to the respective account holder.

Get feedback

Connect with stakeholders and receive feedback. This feature is greatly extended with the customer service module.


Connect your information, your people and your departments to information that is always up to date.

Priority support

Our technical support puts you first. Our team has a depth of municipal accounting experience that ensures you get the solutions you need. Online ticketed support for your customers also provides them with help when they need it.

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