TownSuite Asset Management

Manage your assets, lifecycles and maintence within the same software.

Easy To Use, Accessible Asset Management Tools

TownSuite Asset Management helps track federal and provincial requirements for asset management and beyond. Use our capital budgeting features to intelligently predict maintenance schedules and remaining useful life. Tie into GIS data to give visual representation of /assets that could be repaired/replaced to reduce costs.

Manage your assets

Keep up to date and able to make smarter decisions with TownSuite Asset Management.

TownSuite Asset Management Connect and simplify HRM with our offerings:

Track assets

Manage information related to your asset inventory, including category and asset class, dimensions, location. Record inspections and view all transaction history associated with each asset.

Track amortization

Maintain all information required to calculate, post, and update amortization, including amortization method, cost, and useful life.

View within GIS

Link all assets to a spatial ID to query and view single assets or query results - visualize what is in the ground to better plan for asset maintenance, replacement and new asset implementation. Track work order locations or create work orders from GIS locations.

Connected to finances

Capital budgeting, import assets, calculate and post amortization, asset disposal, parent and child relationships.


View assets at a glance, see what needs to be maintained or replaced. Comprehensive dashboards for visual reporting or use multiple reporting options for detailed drill down reporting options.


Initial imports from our spreadsheet tool validate the information prior to import. Once imported the system does the work maintaining the assets over time.

Connected to CMMS

Track work orders, work requests and maintence by individual assets.

Comprehensive reporting

TownSuite has thousands of standard reports. All reports are criteria driven, meaning you can produce numerous variations of the same report depending on your needs.


Software updates, CPI index and continuous improvements included under your subscription.

Priority support

Our technical support puts you first. Our team has a depth of municipal accounting experience that ensures you get the solutions you need.

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