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JUNE 2016 Webinar Registration NOW OPEN

Posted by Stacey

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JUNE 2016 Webinar Registration NOW OPEN

In this webinar we will guide you through how to complete the necessary setup, creation of the Tax Sale List and how to review, and print all available notices.  The TownSuite Tax Sale Creation process allows users to create a list of all municipal properties that are in arrears as of a selected time.  Once the Tax Sale list is created, users can review, create notices, create billings, etc.


Tax Sale

June 2, 2016

2:00 PM (NDT) | 1:30 PM (ADT)  |  12:30 (EDT)
11:30 AM (CDT)  |  10:30 AM (MDT)  

Registration is now open! 

In this webinar:  

Learn how to manage the Tax Sale process in TownSuite, including the following topics:  
  • Setup of Tax Codes for Tax Sale calculations
  • Notices: Notice of Intention, First, Second and Third Notices, Advertising Letters, etc.
  • Billing Options: Billing of all properties on Tax Sale in one batch process (Advertising fees, etc)
  • Tax Sale Purchasers, Documents, and Encumbrances




Mark your calendars!

Details about our next two Webinars are below!

Registration opens 2-3 weeks before each session


AP Transaction Processing

July 7, 2016

Learn how to use the Credit, invoice and Cheque processing of the AP module, and EFT functionality. 

Billing (Miscellaneous, SCI, Interest)

August 4, 2016

Learn the basics about single customer invoice, miscellaneous billing, and applying interest.



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