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TownSuite® Planning Modules & Features


The TownSuite® Planning module seamlessly integrates six major software systems: Permitting – Building Development, Building Permit Inspections, Subdivision Applications, Attachments, and Geographic Information Systems (GIS). The TownSuite® Planning modules can be described as parcel centric, as all activity performed by all applications and permits affect the underlying parcel. For further description of this feature, and relationship please read section below titled “Parcel Module”.

TownSuite® Planning provides a number of specialized municipal planning functions, including the following:

  • User maintainable tables that can be accessed when entering or updating permit applications to eliminate redundant data entry.
  • Further leverages existing GIS
  • On-screen locating of the permits on a Tax Assessment Parcels layer
  • Development Tracking – Plots building permits to mapping
  • Provide increased capability to produce accurate and timely reports on permitting and land development activity with minimal investment
  • of staff time to produce such reports
  • Integrate land development and infrastructure information on a GIS base for easy access by all staff

Permitting – Building Development

TownSuite® Planning is designed to maintain and monitor various municipal permit applications, including: Building, Development, Demolition, Occupancy and Sign Permits.

TownSuite® Planning Tracks All Permit Activity:

  • From Initial Application - Including Pre-Application Plan Reviews
  • Through Each Approval Process
  • Automatic Fee Calculations
  • Revenue Collection
  • Through All Inspections
  • To Final Inspection and/or Certificate of Occupancy

Ensure permits comply with existing zoning regulations

Handling of all fees calculations and payments

Building Permit Inspections

TownSuite® Planning provides the ability to record inspections that complies with Provincial Inspection Stage Regulations. Permits remain active until all required inspections have been performed.

TownSuite® Planning Manage Inspections with Ease:

  • Print Daily Inspection reports by Inspector
  • From Footings to Final
  • Record each Inspection Result, including Comments
  • Violations/Failed Inspections are Tracked to Resolution

Subdivision Applications

TownSuite® Planning provides a module for Subdivision applications that link to a subdivision index, which ultimately are assigned to building permit applications. This ability to link approved lots to building permits allows for monitoring of undeveloped lots.

A history of parent Property Identification Number (PID) from subdivision and consolidations are also maintained

Parcel Module

The Parcel module allows for a record to be maintained for each parcel in the Municipality. This feature allows the program to maintain attributes on each property besides the cadastral type information such as ownership and assessment information etc. The municipality can now manage attributes like “corner lot”, “development agreement”, and other designations like heritage property or conservation district. Because the system is completely integrated with TownSuite® applications and permits, the parcel module will be updated through the normal operations of these modules. I.E. when a building permit is created, the existing uses and dwelling units are updated on the parcel, conversely when a demolition permit is approved; the use and dwellings (if applicable) are removed from the parcel. Also when a development agreement is created through the applications module, the “development agreement” attribute is updated for the affected parcel. The subdivision module creates the parcel initially and carries through the attributes for water and sewer and street type information.

Due to the many applications affecting the parcel we maintain an audit trail that allows us to determine how and from which module a particular parcel’s attribute were updated

The Parcel Status Report shows all activity on the parcel whether from a building permit, Subdivision application or Fire incident. This activity information even reports activity prior to the creation of this lot, by showing all activity on the parent PIDS that originally comprised this parcel.

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