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TownSuite® Mapping Modules & Features


TownSuite® Mapping is an easy to use GIS viewer. All municipal staff can access the mapping component as a stand-alone application. This ability allows smaller local governments with limited budgets an ability to deploy GIS solutions through out the organization.

When integrated with TownSuite® Planning, TownSuite® Mapping provides non-technical staff a comprehensive interface to dynamic live maps with many GIS capabilities. These capabilities include Zoom in/out, Pan, measure distance, Titles, annotations, labels, attribute and spatial selections, and many more.

TownSuite® Mapping can interface with any municipal data, which stores AAN’s, PID’s or Civic address information.

GIS layers such as sewer, streetlights or surveys can be hot linked to the actual scanned images of as-builts or survey plans. Additional GIS layers can also be applied to track such things as unsightly premises administration, and solid waste bylaw enforcement.

Integrated Mapping

TownSuite® Planning, TownSuite® Financial and TownSuite® Fire Hall integrates with Parcel Tax Assessment, Land Information and Registry of Deeds Database through the integrated mapping component (GIS) of TownSuite® Municipal Software.

The mapping component provides information to TownSuite® Municipal Software applications, such as district, zoning, soil type, and civic addresses.

The mapping component can provide alerts to the application user; while taking an application the mapping component can be configured to provide alerts to the user such as Variances, Development Agreements and Heritage properties.

Record searches by attribute or relational querying.

Print quality maps and air photos to scale on any size paper.

Permits / applications can be queried and then plotted on the map; i.e. All permits for this year of type construction can be selected and then plotted on the map to give a visual representation of this development. Conversely, parcels can be selected from the mapping component for a specific geographical area and be returned to the Building Permit module for further analysis.

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