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TownSuite® Financial Modules & Features

Accounts Receivable

Accounts Receivable Module enables municipal users to setup and maintain accounts and billing controls for any type of account, including residential and commercial properties, metered and non-metered utilities, and miscellaneous revenues. The flexibility of this software component makes management and administration of your municipal billing easier than ever.

  • Municipal Roll
  • Property Assessments
  • Flexible Processing of Property Taxes & other municipal charges
  • Automatic posting of all transactions to the General Ledger.
  • TownSuite® can produce receipts and forms on miscellaneous fees that are collected.

Customer information can be maintained from one convenient location, including the following information:

  • Full legal address
  • Roll & location codes
  • Map codes
  • Mortgage holder
  • Additional levies
  • Complete tax information and rates
  • Owner & tenant data
  • Payment history and balances owing
  • Meter information
  • Legal documentation


TownSuite® Utility Billing Software is a fully integrated, comprehensive utility billing software solution which can seamlessly manage the following:

  • Electricity, gas, water and / or sewer
  • Coordination of customer maintenance
  • Service and rate maintenance
  • Invoices
  • Statements
  • Receivables management
  • Point of sale payment processing
  • Meter readings
  • Comprehensive reporting

TownSuite® provides easy processing of property taxes and other municipal charges, including flat rates, mill rates, frontages, or improvement types and any combination:

  • Property Assessments, reassessments and adjustments
  • Importing of assessment data from Province
    • Property Taxation
  • Attachment of property photos to property records
  • Invoice Generation
    • Comprehensive reporting
    • One-time or recurring miscellaneous invoice items such as pet licenses, building permits, and recreation fees
  • All transactions are automatically and instantly updated in the G/L and other relevant modules
  • Tracking of customer complaints related to properties, public works and other municipal charges

TownSuite® features fully integrated, comprehensive Utility Management which can seamlessly manage the following:

  • Metered or Unmetered Utility Billing (Electricity, Gas, Water and / or Sewer)
  • Easily manage utility rates
    • Residential, commercial or industrial charges; tiered usage; flat rates; rate categories; demand charges; discounts
  • Maintain meters and collected data
    • Import / export meter gun data
    • Easily handles meter replacements
    • Easily  handles final readings, rollovers and meter transfers
  • Service & rate maintenance
  • Simple generation of invoices, reports and receipts
    • Use system generated, or pre-printed forms
    • Consideration of factors that include defined rates, minimum payments, discounts, penalties, interest charges, etc.
    • Comprehensive Reporting

TownSuite® Miscellaneous billing feature can handle billing requirements for any revenue item, including:

  • Animal licensing
  • Building permits
  • Water connection fees
  • Grants
  • Fax / Photocopy services

Accounts Payable

TownSuite® Accounts Payable is easy to navigate and flexible, with features that include:

  • Invoicing against mixed funds on single cheque
  • Automatic posting of transactions to the G/L
  • Invoice and cheque processing on either cash or accrual basis
  • Automatically track tax rebates

TownSuite® makes it easy to maintain all critical vendor information, including:

  • Billing terms and discount deadlines
  • Product types and default retail taxes
  • Memos for special information
  • Contact personnel

TownSuite® full-featured cheque writer allows municipalities to:

  • Use “Pay The Bills” feature to automatically pay selected invoices in one cheque run
  • Ability to post cheques to A/P, A/R or directly to the G/L for non-invoiced amounts
  • Void or reprint cheques
  • Selectively approve invoices for payment
  • Align and customize your cheques

General Ledger

TownSuite® General Ledger is easily configured to suit the accounting procedures of each municipality. Some options of the G/L include:

  • Ability to structure accounts to retain compatibility with existing accounts
  • Ability to group accounts into departments
  • Ability to manage your municipality’s budget
  • Define financial reports specific to your municipality
  • Drill down for detailed account data
  • Ability to close ledger by month and by year
  • Ability to use fund accounting
  • Report generation available using Crystal Reports, all data is tabulated automatically


TownSuite® features comprehensive capital and operational budget management which includes the following:

  • Allows global changes
  • Detailed notes can be attached to each account within the TownSuite® software environment and printed at any time
  • Simplified report printing
  • Ability to display multiple years and break down by department
  • Ability to duplicate report formats currently utilized for annual budgets and budgeting

Job Costing

TownSuite® features comprehensive Job Costing management which includes the following:

  • Unlimited Job Costing Codes
  • Revenue and Expense Budget to each Code
  • Distribute to multiple Job Codes from one transaction
  • Ability to edit job costing posting after posted to reallocate to correct job
  • Detail reports on each Job


TownSuite® Trakker is easily configured to assist the accounting procedures of each municipality. Some of the features include the following:

  • Unlimited Trakker Codes
  • Start and End dates tied to each Code
  • Detail reporting on a Trakker Code for any date range
  • Linked to all financial modules that post to the General Ledger


TownSuite® has a number of built-in banking operations, making banking functions for your municipality more efficient to manage. Some of TownSuite® banking functions include:

  • Set up unlimited bank accounts
  • Post each bank account to any G/L account
  • Manually or automatically clear bank transactions
  • Set up fully integrated electronic transfer of data from your bank
  • Instantly obtain a current balance for any of your bank accounts
  • Generate comprehensive reports on all aspects of your municipality’s banking operations
  • Ability to pay accounts payable invoices

Purchase Order & Inventory Management

TownSuite® P/O has available a number of features enabling municipal offices to track purchase orders and spending trends. Some of the features are as follows:

  • Create purchase orders, and post for approval within TownSuite® environment through a requisition proces
  • 3 levels of purchase order approval, assigned to software users by a system administrator
  • Link A/P Vendors to product or service codes to track tenders and quotes
  • Link assets and related data to the TownSuite® TCA module
  • Track all monies spent
  • Obtain current purchase order spending at any time
  • Cost tracking and commitment tracking
  • Purchase orders can be generated for specific vendor categories, select groups of vendors, and can be exported to external software such as Word, PDF, Excel, etc.
  • Ability to apply spending limits based on user security level
  • Comprehensive reports.

Payroll & Human Resource Management

The P/R Module has available all necessary features of a quality payroll solution, including:

  • Semi-Annual Tax Table Updates
  • Overrides available on a “per-cheque” basis
  • Statutory deductions
  • Comprehensive employee maintenance
  • Business code and job code setup
  • Cheque customization
  • Easy-to-use Time Sheet entry screen
  • T4 and ROE Forms, Web ROE’s
  • Direct deposit
  • Automatically updates the TownSuite® G/L and Cheque Register
  • Automatic tracking of attendance, sick leave, vacation, and other benefits on an hourly or daily basis
  • Comprehensive reports
  • Integration with a time-clock interface can be investigated and accommodated with minimal customization

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