TownSuite Event & Facilities

Event & Facilities makes it easy for your customers to access and purchase your recreational products and services. Configurable, flexible, and connectable to TownSuite Financial.

Manage and maintain all your event and facility requirements in one place

These include event and facility registrations, facility and event management, memberships, attendance, point of sale and several other key areas. Choose your payment options from several leading edge payment processors or/and retain your legacy methods.


Everything works in real time, and everything works the way you want it to since it is configurable to how you do things.

TownSuite Event & Facilities features include:

Event management

Staff can create and manage any type of event, configure categories, capacity, age requirements and so on. Easy to use, and configurable to your municipality.

Facility management

Set up each of your bookable venues showing photos, dimensions, multiple seating configurations, blackout dates, maintenance schedules and more. Display Add-On products and/or services that can be selected by a customer to generate more revenue.

Event registrations

Customers can easily search and register for events, see past and current registrations, manage family members, and more.

Event ticketing

Simplified event ticketing means you don’t need expensive equipment to scan and manage ticketing or ticket scanning. Automatically generate scannable tickets and codes for any event, and use our app to scan them at the door. Tickets are delivered to customer email inboxes, and are accessible anytime from their own accounts.

Facility registrations

Customers can view and book facilities based on your defined facility availability.

Digital waivers

Waivers are an important legal document for any event or facility. Each event or facility can have their own individual waiver that is digitally signed by the customer and stored on the booking, including PAR-Q waivers, or any customized waiver that the municipality wishes to apply. Bookings cannot be completed by a customer without a digitally signed waiver.

Digital contracts

TownSuite features the ability to create and maintain a digital contract for each booking, including facility-specific terms and condition and customer signature.


Enable your municipality to manage memberships in specific programs, facilities and services.

Point of sale

Configurable, simple and convenient, touch based POS for facility staff usage.

Event attendance

Record event attendance with online staff tools, as well as scannable event tickets. No scanner? Our iOS and Android APPs provide this functionality!

Interactive seating

Create interactive seating to enable your customers to select specific seats for any event you wish to offer the option to choose seatin, like concerts or dinners.


View defineable dashboards that illustrate your facility and event usage, including a graphical representation to show peak times and low times.

Embeddable widgets

We offer a selection of embeddable widgets you can display on your website without requiring account access, including facility and event calendars.

Comprehensive reporting

Produce comprehensive reports including booking summaries, facility details or facility utilization.

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