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TownSuite® TCA Modules & Features


TownSuite® TCA enables you to capture the information you need to report your non-financial assets, including tangible capital assets.  Collect and store the information that will help you to answer the following questions about your municipal assets:

  • What assets do we have?
  • Where are they?
  • When did we purchase them?
  • How much did they cost?
  • What condition are they in?
  • When do they need to be replaced?
  • How much will it cost to replace them?

Not only will TownSuite®  TCA give you the tools to meet PSAB 3150 reporting requirements, it also integrates directly with TownSuite® Financial, connecting your asset inventory to your General Ledger and job costing.

TownSuite® TCA has the following general functions:

  • Use any combination of user-defined search criteria to return a list of assets, including Department, Category, Asset Class, Asset Sub-Class and Location.  An asset can be selected from search results.
  • Specify an amortization method
  • Create and view the continuity schedule
  • Prepare capital asset reports and other reports that meet PSAB 3150 reporting requirements
  • Store data required to prepare an asset management plan

Find out about the system requirements to run TownSuite.